The most comment question I get in my practice is ” How did my neck/back get this way?”.  The answer is found in Pisa, Italy.   One day, an Italian man was going to the Pisa Tower to visit his friend and as he approached, he thought to himself “Huh! Is it me or is the tower leaning a little bit?  Oh well.” and he went on his way.  Some time later, he was walking to the Tower again and thought “Wow, that tower is actually leaning.  Somebody should do something about that!” and he went on his way.  And much later, he was walking toward the Tower and exclaimed ” Holy Cow, the tower is going to fall!” and he ran to ring alarm bells and alert engineers that they needed to find a solution NOW!

There you have it.  Your neck/back/headache/sciatica didn’t arrive over night in most cases.  It was a gradually loss of alignment and muscle function that occurred during life:  working, studying, driving, child care, skiing, bike falls, exercise classes, etc. etc.  If you were taught from day 1 that posture and spinal adjustments would keep you from being the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I would never be patching up adults with all these issues – I would be like your dentist: doing healthy maintenance and prevention and handling acute cases when something goes really wrong.