This is a penetrating question for chiropractors.  If you are using your medical insurance for monthly check-ups, technically that is not what your visits are intended for.  Your insurance can deny those visits if you don’t have a specific problem that your chiropractor is addressing on that visit.  So, if  that usage of your insurance was taken away, would you pay for maintenance.  When you really think about it, medicine was not developed for “wellness” only for “sickness” so it’s reasonable that insurance companies will reconsider any visit that “looks like” maintenance.  Unlike dentistry which pays for your maintenance.  The day is coming (actually its here) when your doctor will say “I am sorry (your name) but (your insurance company) won’t pay for this visit unless you complain of a symptom and I can find the problem to fix.


Chiropractors have recommended maintenance for patients for the last 100 years.  Many of you do it because when you are out of alignment, you really don’t feel as good.  And the long term benefits of good back and neck alignment are obvious: more energy, less pain, more flexibility, better balance and even better organ function.  Please don’t be surprised if your doctor asks you to pay for maintenance.  And your flex spending can still be used!