Whiplash Neck Injury

One of the most common traffic accidents is a rear end collision.  Chances are you know someone
who has had a car accident recently.   You may even be a victim of a fender bender or something
much more serious.  Your body may have suffered painful consequences even if your car damage
was minor.

7 Bones plus 8 Sets
of Nerves = 1 Big Headache

Whiplash injuries are complicated – what with 7 neck (cervical) bones, and 8 sets of nerves
exiting these bones, it’s no wonder that things aren’t always what they seem.  The nerves
exiting our spinal column in our neck go to our head, neck, shoulders, arms and fingers.
We are an exquisite web of complicated connections.    Even a small injury to this part of
our anatomy deserves careful and respectful assessment and treatment.

Headaches can be caused by a pinched nerve in your cervical spine (your neck).  Studies
have shown that adjustment of this area of your spine is most effective in fixing headaches
associated with whiplash injury.  Covering up the symptoms with painkillers is not the answer.
Up to 10% of whiplash victims become significantlydisabled – don’t let this happen to you.

Other Symptoms
Caused by Whiplash

Whiplash injury can be responsible for a variety of symptoms.  Neck pain is an obvious one but other
symptoms may include:  trouble sleeping, blurry vision, memory problems, fatigue, ringing in the ears,
heaviness in thearms and pain between the shoulder blades.

Some people are at greater risk for whiplash than others.  If you are female, have a long slender neck, or
already have arthritis in your neck, you are at greater risk.

Late Whiplash Syndrome

It’s very common for people in “minor” accidents to get delayed onset of whiplash –officially known as
“Late Whiplash Syndrome”  – even as long as 6 months after the actual event.  Be aware of potential delayed

Restoring range of motion and daily activities as quickly as possible is of great importance to keep the injured
soft tissue from developing persistent stiffness and muscle atrophy.  This gradual loss of function may cause
nerve inflammation resulting in delayed onset of neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches.

Seek Help As Soon As

Guarding your precious health is your number one priority.  Getting in to see a Upper Cervical
Chiropractor (one specializing in adjusting the bones in the upper neck) is a very wise precaution after
ANY car accident or  injury that involves impact to the upper neck and head area.  Your Chiropractor is also
expert at treating soft tissue stiffness and range of motion problems.  Professional help with appropriate pain
reduction therapy is therefore money well spent.