You Should Be Scared!
Tylenol Is Not As Safe As You Think 


Over the Counter doesn’t mean it’s Safe – Liver Failure and Acetaminophen


One of the most important driving factors  that brings patients to my Chiropractic Office is the desire to heal their bodies without taking medications that are potentially toxic to the body.  Despite assurances that OTC (Over The Counter) medications are safe, we are now finding out that in many cases, they are NOT.


For at least 2 decades it has been widely known that OTC pain medications such as Tylenol (containing acetaminophen) are toxic to the liver if we exceed  the recommended dose.  We are now learning that liver damage can be done even within the recommended dosages.  A recent FDA warning comes after another study reveals that taking these meds on an empty stomach, while fasting, after a night of partying  (consuming 3 alcoholic drinks such as wine) or in conjunction with other medications, can cause potential liver failure.  These facts should be cause for alarm. In the US, infants and children have died from overdosage of Children and Infants’s Tylenol that did not have specific amounts listed on the label to give to your child or baby due to poor labeling processes over at the USFDA (the group that is supposed to stamp foods and drugs as safe).


No Pain, No Gain – or Maybe Not


Many people take these drugs like candy – especially those hard core athletic types who push themselves in training for marathons, triathlons or other endurance events.  The mantra of “No Pain No Gain” comes to mind.  Or when the pain strikes, pop some pills…. and keep on going.  Overriding our bodies signals of distress is something we have all been guilty of at one time or another.  We urge caution when it comes to long term use of OTC meds no matter what the common wisdom is about their perceived safety.


You can listen to a fantastic podcast about Tyelnol on the program This American Life from National Public Radio.  It’s called 505: Use Only as Directed  and was originally broadcast 09.20.2013 at  No Halloween tale could be more frightening than this one!  You can stream it from the web, subscribe to the free podcast, or download from Itunes.  I highly recommend you take the time to listen in.