The  300 Mile Per Hour Sneeze

Sneezing has a measurable speed between 150 and 300 miles per hour.  Imagine your neck and head whipping back and forth multiple times a day and you will understand why allergies can cause neck pain and trigger headaches.  As your neck muscles tighten, drainage from the head stops and the sinus pressure starts to rise.


In a very real and physical way, chiropractic adjustments to the neck allow you to breathe, sleep and cope with your allergies easier.  Used with some mild, natural symptom relief tablets (like ALJ from Nature’s Sunshine), you have a healthy, winning strategy to reduce your allergy symptoms.  Keep reading for more helpful information on allergies and chiropractic treatment.


A Solid Foundation To Resist Allergens


Allergic reaction to pollen, pet hair, dust mites and many other elements in our environment produce extreme reactions in some of us.  These reactions can vary from sneezing occasionally to a full blown attack of allergic rhinitis accompanied by headache, asthma-like wheezing and the feeling of being unable to breathe  for weeks on end.   The body’s release of histamines causes a dilation of the blood vessels in the brain, and resulting headache.


Take this $150 Nose Spray and don’t call me in the morning

Going to your doctor for these symptoms will usually result in being given a prescription for steroid-based nose sprays, inhalers and other expensive and potentially dangerous drugs.  A prescription for a naso-cortical spray alone can cost $150 a pop!  This treatment does nothing to take care of the underlying cause of your suffering – it is merely treating the symptoms – which are sure to reoccur when the allergen in question shows up again.   Checking some of the possible side effects of these nasal sprays is enough to scare anyone – eyesight damage being one of them mentioned on the label.


This is Important – Please Read!


Over the counter Antihistamines such as Claritin, Sudafed and others are not recommended for those with high blood pressure.  These drugs are also not to be taken with alcohol or anti-anxiety drugs as dangerous heart related side effects may result.   Think twice before popping these pills – A Canadian study showed that tumors in mice grew when exposed to certain brands of anti-histamines.   (Lorne Brandes, in an article published in the May 1994 Journal of the National Cancer Institute,) Also see the following link to an article in US News and World Report – April 2012


What  Then?

Chiropractic adjustments allow the brain to easily communicate with the body without the bones getting in the way.   With good communication, the body will perfectly self regulate and fight off allergens without drugs.  Then, medications and symptom relief can be appropriately used on an occasional, as-needed basis.