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Read some testimonials from patients who have been treated by Dr. Strauss. Each one of our patients is a unique case and we love to hear how our methods of treatment and specialized focus helps them in their daily lives.

Patient Feedback

Paula is a wonderful, compassionate, skilled and very knowledgeable about all things chiropractic. They also have 2 massage therapists, I had bodywork yesterday from Audrey and she did a excellent job breaking up a walnut size mass I have on my neck. In one week I feel 70% better and by next week I know I will be 100% . I’ve been coming to Paula for over 3 years and will never let anyone else touch me again, going to a bad chiropractor can be very damaging and believe me I’ve been to a couple in my search for a good one. She is Epic!!

Mary Ann TestimonialMary Ann

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Online Reviews

      I started coming to this doctor because I got a concussion and started getting major migraines as well as major insomnia I looked on yelp and came across the head of Dr. Campbell and decided to check her out and you are someone who specialized in the upper cervical area of your spine cents going to her starting about two months ago the ringing in my ear has stopped almost completely before it was very bothersome and I felt like it was so loud that other people could hear it. Also my headaches have gotten so much better. I would totally recommend her to anyone who is having any type of back issues headache issues or who would like to try chiropractic for the first time I referred my stepmother and she now goes to her twice a week and it has also helped her had a Holly at the front desk is such a sweetheart the both of them together makes such a great team I plan on continuing my care with the headache doctor.

    thumb Geneva L.

      I cannot say enough GREAT things about Dr. Strauss. I came to her after being hit by a car. My injuries weren't healing the way I hoped and she believed that I could return to my pre-accident health. I'm happy to say that I now have no residual effects from my accident. I still see Dr. Strauss when I need a little touch up or if I strain something cycling. She helps me with stretching suggestions that I can take home and work on. I really could not ask for a better chiropractor, I always look forward to seeing her.

    thumb Joy C.

      *Great Chiropractic Doctor! Paula is super nice, approachable, and knowledgable.
    *Individualized care plan that monitors my progress carefully - I feel well taken care of!
    *Easy to make an appointment and Holly, the Office manager/Frontdesk, is very helpful 🙂
    *I was hit in a car accident and had bad neck/shoulder/back pain, the office knew exactly how to handle the various insurances/processes!
    *Highly recommend Paula, I'm very happy with my care and the pain is gone!

    thumb Tina K.

      I injured my back in the mid 70's and suffered for 20+ years with on and off severe back pain and headaches. I went to several chiropractors and none of them could help me until I met Dr. Paula Strauss. She took x-rays of my neck and showed me how it was out of alignment - it was plain as day, no other chiropractor did that for me. Since Dr. Strauss started treating me my life has changed. I feel much more healthy, I breath better and backaches are a thing of the past. One thing for sure is that I would never entertain the idea of changing my chiropractor.

    thumb Maxine G.

      I LOVE Dr. Paula Strauss! I have been going to "The Headache Doctor" on and off for about seven years now, and have always been grateful for her support. From my scoliosis to a sprained ankle to neurological pain, she has helped me with it all. Even if she cannot help you directly, she will always give advice, resources, and recommendations. Dr. Strauss will always take the time to listen and support you in whatever way you can!

    My only struggle is her sometimes limited appointments...she is popular! So my recommendation is to book a few in advance. Thank you Dr. Strauss!

    thumb Ana S.

      I've been seeing Dr. Strauss for 2 years for neck pain and migraines. My neck used to hurt all the time from just using the computer on my lap, using my cell phone, studying, etc.

    She has helped with the neck pain so much! I also think she has helped reduce the severity and frequency of migraines when combined with a healthy lifestyle (eating, sleeping regularly, etc).

    She's also just an absolute joy to work with and I look forward to seeing her + Holly at the front desk every appointment I have.

    thumb Julia H.