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Read some testimonials from patients who have been treated by Dr. Strauss. Each one of our patients is a unique case and we love to hear how our methods of treatment and specialized focus helps them in their daily lives.

Patient Feedback

Paula is a wonderful, compassionate, skilled and very knowledgeable about all things chiropractic. They also have 2 massage therapists, I had bodywork yesterday from Audrey and she did a excellent job breaking up a walnut size mass I have on my neck. In one week I feel 70% better and by next week I know I will be 100% . I’ve been coming to Paula for over 3 years and will never let anyone else touch me again, going to a bad chiropractor can be very damaging and believe me I’ve been to a couple in my search for a good one. She is Epic!!

Mary Ann TestimonialMary Ann

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Online Reviews

      Hands down THE BEST Chiropractor in the South Bay. Dr. Strauss is easy to talk to, knowledgable, offers her suggestions without the sales pitch, and truly cares for your overall health and well-being.

    I've been seeing Dr. Strauss for a few years now and thanks to her I haven't had a full blown migraine in years. The last "episode" I felt coming on and immediately called Holly to see if I could get in that day to see Dr. Strauss. Not only was I in the office in an hour, but I was able to get a last minute massage to ease the pain. The next day I was back to normal. She also was my saving grace earlier in the year when I had numbness in my left hand and my neck was on fire.

    Added bonus is having Holly - who is an amazing assistant! She's responsive and understanding.

    I am so lucky to have stumbled across Dr. Strauss in Campbell years ago and am so very grateful and thankful she's still in my life!

    thumb kristin g.

      Dr. Paula Strauss is AMAZING!!!

    I have been suffering with daily headaches for 21 years.  I've had it all - CT scans, MRI's, regular chiropractic care, PAINFUL muscle stripping and massage therapy.  I've done the Master Cleanse, and tried many dietary changes such as removing gluten from my diet, going to raw vegan to trying this herb and that supplement. I just started to think this was just the way it was going to be.

    Dr. Strauss did a full evaluation with me including x-rays. After she had time to go over my paperwork and x-rays, she told me that basically my head wasn't sitting on my spine straight.  Who would have know that 1 mm could cause such issues?

    After my first treatment my headaches started to significantly decrease.  She also performed some trigger therapy on a grizzly knot I had near my left hip that had been plaguing me for about 2 years that even a regular chiropractor was not able to treat with weekly and sometimes bi-weekly treatments.  Dr. Strauss was able to get rid of it in about 5 minutes.  

    Dr. Strauss has changed my life in a huge way - I will never go anywhere else.  So if you are having headaches, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE HEADACHE DOCTOR OF CAMPBELL.

    One more thing... I failed to mention Holly.  Holly manages the front office - she is extremely nice and very good at what she does.  When I called to make my first appointment, she asked if I wanted her to call my insurance company to find out the terms of my benefits.  I've never had anyone do that for me - it was nice that she went through the extra effort.

    thumb Brandi C.

      Dr. Strauss is a life saver!  And I am talking about my life!  I have received so much help from her with my knee (which the pain is not there anymore), my neck (computer sitting is definitely the blame) and of course the good old back (a few adjustments and I am on my way!).  With her amazing bed-side manner so to speak and her knowledge, there are not enough stars on yelp which she truly deserves to receive!  Her office is extremely clean and pleasant, and Holly who is behind the counter is exceptional helping out with insurance, appointments and so on.  My 84 year old father is also a Dr. Strauss patient and is in a lot better shape than he was two months ago when he started his visits.

    I highly recommend Dr. Paula Strauss as an exceptional upper-cervical chiropractor.  Keep her telephone number close as Dr Strauss will always find time to see you as she makes you feel you are one of her favorite patients!

    thumb Starla A.

      Take it from someone like me who was dead set against going to a Chiropractor, this doc is the best!!  She is confident and knows what she is doing.  Also what helps me is the fact she has an infra-red scanner she checks me with every time.  This tells how my alignment is doing.  This along with massage and ultrasound therapies is by fa the best combination.

    thumb Michele D.

      I LOVE Dr. Paula Strauss! I have been going to "The Headache Doctor" on and off for about seven years now, and have always been grateful for her support. From my scoliosis to a sprained ankle to neurological pain, she has helped me with it all. Even if she cannot help you directly, she will always give advice, resources, and recommendations. Dr. Strauss will always take the time to listen and support you in whatever way you can!

    My only struggle is her sometimes limited appointments...she is popular! So my recommendation is to book a few in advance. Thank you Dr. Strauss!

    thumb Ana S.

      Fantastic! I have been to several different chiropractors all throughout my life but Dr Strauss' practice is a rare find.  I am often amazed by, and always deeply appreciative of, Dr. Strauss' care. She is competent and confident while still listening, having an open mind and a wonderful demeanor. Her flexibility in techniques speaks to her intuitive and mature chiropractic skills. She obviously knows what she is doing but her bedside manor (along with her staff member's) is comforting and positive. Not only are my chronic headaches gone, but it has been years since my overall body has felt this pain free and mobile. I have been seeing Dr. Strauss for several months now and am so glad I have found her!

    thumb th t.