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Read some testimonials from patients who have been treated by Dr. Strauss. Each one of our patients is a unique case and we love to hear how our methods of treatment and specialized focus helps them in their daily lives.

Patient Feedback

Paula is a wonderful, compassionate, skilled and very knowledgeable about all things chiropractic. They also have 2 massage therapists, I had bodywork yesterday from Audrey and she did a excellent job breaking up a walnut size mass I have on my neck. In one week I feel 70% better and by next week I know I will be 100% . I’ve been coming to Paula for over 3 years and will never let anyone else touch me again, going to a bad chiropractor can be very damaging and believe me I’ve been to a couple in my search for a good one. She is Epic!!

Mary Ann TestimonialMary Ann

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Online Reviews

      I Guadalupe Contreras do not recommend Paula Strauss for concussion patients. I am not the type of person who' gives reviews to any business but this one is. I visited her office June-July, at that time I was suffering horrible headaches and it wasn't allowing me to live my life comfortable or do activities of my daily life . She adjusted my lower neck  and my pains went away, after she cleared me to return to my normal life routine and the gym because supposedly my neck was fixed, I've learned long after that telling your patients to return to there life is the worst advice to tell anyone suffering from concussion because HEALING TAKES TIME! after a session at the gym I started to feel worse than before my headaches went from 2 to 10 and I couldn't even walk,keep my balance,read  etc things that used to do in my regular life .At first Paula was very caring always asking how I was, after a couple weeks she was just dry and didn't seem to care much.after she offered us her $1,200 package for her treatment , we refused because I was feeling worse and I was not feeling myself anymore I was lost in the pain after we refused she change her  attitude and become less caring, after 8 months I am still healing from her damage, thank god I found a UPPER Cervical doctor who specializes in Blair treatment in Pleasanton California, Dr Thomas j Forest, he mentioned my problem started in my upper cervical and atlas not in my pelvis and lower neck how paula mentioned and adjustment them. That was Paula's worst advice she only pushed my progress backwards, and I don't mean to hurt your business but your in it for the money and some people are really suffering from serious injuries and you should be experience about how this injuries work! I've been very depressed these past 8 months not knowing what was wrong with me, and I still live with the fear of going outside and daily anxiety, and thank god I am in the right hands now, I hope I helped someone find the right doctor because it really matters how experienced your chiropractor is. And paula isn't one of them ESPECIALLY for concussions. Concussions are serious and not a joke , I am writing this review late, because now I can write and use my phone because before I couldn't , and I just want to help people early on in there progress so you don't suffer the way I did, and help you find the right care. And your assistant should have more empathy for people because I know someone in my position suffers mentally and physically for people to be rude to them. I'm only 20 years old and I'm still lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a full recovery due to my age. And that's my experience on Paula.

    thumb Guadalupe C.

      Dr. Strauss exceeded my expectations and 100% relieved my neck and back stiffness within 3 visits. She is pleasant, friendly, professional, and takes special care to understand and address your needs thoroughly.  There is absolutely no pressure for additional visits or unnecessary X-rays.  I am a very happy customer!  Thank you Dr. Strauss!

    thumb D R.

      I've been seeing Dr. Strauss since October 2014. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager but never received treatment for it. As an adult I attended physical therapy to strengthen my back, which did help, but didn't completely get rid of the upper back pain and stiffness I would feel almost daily.
    After completing a half marathon in 2014 I could hardly move myself. My spine felt locked in place and any head/neck movement was incredibly painful. I knew this wasn't normal (especially for a 22 year old) so I booked an appointment with Dr. Strauss.
    She did a thorough exam of my problem areas, asked a lot of questions and we discussed next steps. Initially I was seeing her for adjustments 2x/week (my back pain was bad) and after about 3-4 weeks I started feeling like a normal 22 year old with way less pain.
    Now at 28 I still see Dr. Strauss 1x/month to get an adjustment. In addition to my scoliosis she's also helped me with a pinched nerve and most recently a dislocated rib.

    The office is very clean and they are taking Covid-19 precautions seriously. As a fellow healthcare worker this is important to me and I feel safe coming to my appointments.

    thumb Kav N.

      Dr. Strauss is amazing. I came to her with extreme neck pain. Within 2 weeks, I could go about my day with little noticeable pain. Now on a maintenance program, my neck pain is nearly gone and no longer deterring me from activity. Thanks, Dr. Strauss!

    thumb Suzanne o.

      I continue to be happy with the care I receive from Dr. Strauss and Dr. Etasam at The Headache Doctor of Campbell. Both doctors are very knowledgeable and excellent at troubleshooting problems of body mechanics. They are both good listeners. I feel comfortable in their office.

    I had a muscle spasm four days ago that was a big problem and was able to see Dr. Strauss on a Saturday for an urgent visit. Her treatment really seemed to help and it rapidly got better. I recommend The Headache Doctor of Campbell!

    thumb Elsa C.

      Dr. Strauss is amazing! I have tried 5 chiropractors over the years in my recovery from various accidents, and Dr Strauss is by far my favorite. I wish I had found her sooner! She uses technology to help track progress and fine-tune treatment. She is very pleasant and knowledgeable. My migraine, neck and back pain have reduced significantly in just the 3 months that I have been coming to her, and I am super grateful for her expertise. My back and neck issues are complicated due to the number of injuries I've had in my past, and she had helped me in just a short amount of time on areas that no other chiropractor has been able to correct. It has been wonderful working with her. She's receptive to feedback, thoughtful, caring, talented and professional.

    thumb Joy F.