Summer is approaching and the warm weather tempts us out of doors and into the realm of risky business.  Sky diving, horse back riding, roller coaster rides and other amusement park rides, bungee jumping or just playing something as innocuous as a round of golf, can lead to injury and pain in different body parts.  Necks, knees, elbows, hands and feet – anything that has a joint is vulnerable to sudden stops and starts, violent and unusual torque or motion.  Joints even slightly off center can cause a lot of discomfort.


Safe at home? Think again – staying around your home and garden can be hazardous  – falls off ladders or the roof in the name of home improvement, slips in bathtubs and showers, it’s enough to scare anyone.


Fear not.  Simple chiropractic adjustments can help to re-align out of plumb joints and fix the problem at the source.  We recommend this together with some of the following tips:

Tips for Gentle Healing

  • A treatment of ultrasound therapy sooths the swollen joints and speeds healing.  We offer  this at our office in addition to your chiropractic treatment.
  • Gentle stretches and safe range of motion exercises will accelerate your healing.  We provide you with specific stretches/range of motion exercises to minimize your healing time.
  • Limit keyboard time – Consider your posture as a source of aches and pains – too much time seated in a hunched over position at the computer keyboard – a major culprit for neck, hand, arm and shoulder pain.  If you add this daily stressor to an injury, healing can be much delayed.
  • Soaking in a tub of warm water and Epsom Salts (magnesium salts) is great for reducing swelling and easing stiffness.  No need to pay a lot for these salts – you can get a large box for a couple dollars at your local drug store.  Don’t pay for fancy packaging or marketing costs.  Race horses get their tender legs soaked in this same substance after racing – it works for humans too.
  • Ginger Tea and Tumeric – 2 natural remedies for joint stiffness and inflammation when taken regularly.  Recipe for ginger tea:  Grate or chop 2 tablespoon of fresh ginger root into a cup of hot water.  Let steep for 20 minutes – then pour through a sieve and enjoy with a dab of honey.  Taken daily ginger tea is good for inflammation all over the body.  With no bad side effects  either.  Tumeric (found in your spice rack) can be taken simply mixed with water.  It is an anti-oxidant and  has cancer fighting benefits as well.  Recent research supports this fact. Yogis have used turmeric for centuries to keep their joints supple – and they certainly are supple!   Tumeric is used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation in general.

We offer a whole range of holistic and drug free treatments that are safe and affordable and will have you feeling great again a lot quicker than just suffering through it alone.  Now get out there and enjoy your fun activities – and visit us when your parts and pieces need re-aligning.