Dr. Strauss and staff will be working until 12/30/13. Don’t leave your benefits and Health Spending or Flexible Spending Account money on the table.  Same day appointments are available for you.  We process all insurances (except HMOs) and we have great cash discounting programs for patients.  Holly knows all of our arrangements so she can answer your questions.

We offer a new program called Care Credit  so that you can get your chiropractic care and have 6 months to pay off your balance without any financing charges.  If you haven’t looked into adding Medpay to your auto insurance policy – remember!  It is cheap and will pay for your injury care whether or not you are at fault.  If you are not at fault, the other insurance company won’t pay you until your treatment is finished but they expect you to pay for it up until it is over.  Your health insurance may not cover you completely so Medpay is the best, cheapest option.  If your company is AAA however, forget Medpay because AAA expects you to pay out of pocket for your injuries but calls it’s program Medpay.  Be advised that AAA doesn’t not offer Medpay as it has been defined in the past and they are being taken to court for their current policy.  If you choose Medpay, please take the 5K option.  You can purchase Medpay in any denomination but if your insurer offers you 1K it will probably not be enough for the typical whiplash auto accident.  It is a crazy insurance world out there so be careful and ask your doctor for their recommendation.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to from THDOC!