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Neck & Back Pain Chiropractic Treatments

Neck & Back Pain Relief

We treat all kinds of neck and back pain in addition to migraines. We also treat bulging discs, sciatic pain, arm and hand pain, carpal tunnel and all the other problems that chiropractors treat. 

Dr. Strauss also adjusts all the other joints joints of the body: shoulders, hips, knees, etc. If you want to heal the cause of the problem, and not rely on medications to feel better, chiropractic treatment is for you.

Dr. Strauss, as with all chiropractors, is qualified to diagnose your problem and either treat it and/or refer you to the correct professional.  She loves to meet and work with her medical colleagues and all her alternative health practitioners.  

Located In beautiful Campbell, California

2020 S. Bascom Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: (408) 866-8820
Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30 – 6:00. Tu/Thurs appt only. Sat/Sun Closed

Method Of Treatment

Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Strauss treats your musculoskeletal pain with adjustments that decompress nerves and restore muscle function.  The movement of your back is critical to getting you to feel better because your brain, spinal cord and nerves are trying to connect to your body through the spine.  If the joints are jammed and irritating the nerves, that is why your pain doesn’t go away or comes and goes.

Exercise & Manual Therapy

In the office, you will be stretched and have targeted manual therapy to aid the muscles to release and strengthen. Only after you have proper bone movement, can your muscles stretch properly. That is why chiropractic and stretching/manual therapy is a powerful combination. Under the doctor’s care, you will get the therapy  exactly for your problem and keeping in mind your overall health, flexibility, and past injury history.

Home Care

Home care is the third critical feature of you feeling better.  Typically you will get stretches to do on the first visit. As you feel better, Dr. Strauss gives you foam roller exercises or more advanced exercises. Strengthening and stability is the goal after reducing your pain and restoring back function. Dr. Strauss identifies your weak muscle groups and helps you build strength in the neck and back to avoid future episodes of pain and injury.

From Our Patient

See how a patient of Dr. Strauss has found relief from neck and headache pain.

I’ve been going to Dr. Paula for almost 15 years (yes, she’s that good!). She is a great listener and hones in on the trouble spot every time. Dr. Paula has helped me through numerous issues like neck and lower back pain, to numbness in my right quad . Not only does she perform the right adjustment for the issue at hand, she’s always eager to suggest appropriate exercises to help strengthen weak areas and help the healing process. Holly keeps everything moving up front and has always been very helpful with deciphering insurance coverage (not a mean feat). If you want immediate relief or the benefits of long term maintenance, go see Dr. Paula.

Ken M.
Ana Testimonial

I LOVE Dr. Paula Strauss! I have been going to “The Headache Doctor” on and off for about seven years now, and have always been grateful for her support. From my scoliosis to a sprained ankle to neurological pain, she has helped me with it all. Even if she cannot help you directly, she will always give advice, resources, and recommendations. Dr. Strauss will always take the time to listen and support you in whatever way you can!

My only struggle is her sometimes limited appointments…she is popular! So my recommendation is to book a few in advance. Thank you Dr. Strauss!

Ana S.
Starla Testimonial

Dr. Strauss is a life saver!  And I am talking about my life!  I have received so much help from her with my knee (which the pain is not there anymore), my neck (computer sitting is definitely the blame) and of course the good old back (a few adjustments and I am on my way!).  With her amazing bed-side manner so to speak and her knowledge, there are not enough stars on yelp which she truly deserves to receive!  Her office is extremely clean and pleasant, and Holly who is behind the counter is exceptional helping out with insurance, appointments and so on.  My 84 year old father is also a Dr. Strauss patient and is in a lot better shape than he was two months ago when he started his visits.

I highly recommend Dr. Paula Strauss as an exceptional upper-cervical chiropractor.  Keep her telephone number close as Dr Strauss will always find time to see you as she makes you feel you are one of her favorite patients!

Starla A.