Headaches and Mid Life – One Benefit of Aging

When women  suffer from migraine headaches on a regular basis, they may be hormone related.  Once reaching menopause,  hormone fluctuations decrease. Many women find relief from regular and painful migraines at this time.  It is one of the benefits to post-menopause that female headache sufferers can look forward to.  In addition, some find that lessons in stress relief and being mindful now start to bear fruit.  We have learned to go with the flow of life a bit more rather than fighting against things we cannot change.  This shift in mindset and attitude is huge in reducing stress hormones such as cortisol.  I recommend scheduling regular time to meditate, exercise and just do nothing.  Our productivity obsessed culture says it is OK to “do nothing” just so long as it is in your schedule – you have permission.

Sudden Onset Headaches in Patients over 45/50

Migraine headaches that occur for the first time in patients over 45 or 50 can be cause for concern.  If you have been headache free most of your life and suddenly start to get headaches, you need a thorough examination to discover the reason and correctly diagnose it.  Sudden onset of headaches in patients over the age of 45 may be a red flag of some underlying health condition.  Headaches of this type may also be related to medications or supplements, foods or allergies.  As we age our bodies change and adapt.  Things that may not have caused us problems in our 20s and 30s,  such as staying up all night, drinking alcohol, MSG or other foods  can suddenly be the source of headaches and other problems.

Transient ischemic attacks (small strokes), arthritis, degenerative changes, poorly fitting dentures, subdural hematoma, high blood pressure are a few of the causes of sudden onset headaches in people over 45.  Age related degenerative changes in the cervical spine may be made worse by poor posture.  Slouching and a forward thrusting head are common postural problems as patients age.  Correct posture can help to minimize degenerative problems.