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Dr. Paula Strauss is a specialized chiropractor devoted to helping patients overcome headaches and migraines.  Her interest in headaches began with her own husband John who had suffered for decades from migraine headaches.

Since then, hundreds of patients have improved and thrown away medications no longer necessary for daily healthy life.  Dr. Strauss has been practicing in the Campbell area since 1996 helping patients overcome headaches, pinched nerves, disc herniations, neurologic diseases, jaw pain, seizures and many other problems.  Her patients come from all over the country including Texas, New York and as far as the Netherlands.


Dr. Strauss has an education in Environmental Science, Doctor of Chiropractic, and Post-Doctoral training in upper cervical care.

  • Post Doctoral Training in Upper Cervical Care, Infrared Thermography, Radiography and Clinical Approach, 1995

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic West, 1996

  • Bachelor of Science, Enviromental Science, Columbia School, George Washington University, 1984


Dr. Strauss is an avid supporter of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley where she volunteers time at the Westgate Petco to help adopt out the many deserving pets. She belongs to the West San Jose Lions Club and supports her local Campbell Chamber of Commerce. She donates to many charitable organizations:  Physicians For Responsible Medicine, National Antivivisection Society, KQED Radio, Wildlife Waystation, Relay For Life, Environmental Defense Fund, National Resource Defense Council, Move On, and the Nature Conservancy to name a few.

Dr. Strauss enjoys rock climbing, tennis, and reading in her spare time.  She has a husband and three cats:  Boo Boo, Beauty, and Jack.