Afternoon & Evening Massages are now offered!

Welcome our new massage therapist…Audrey Wong!

Audrey Wong, a Massage and Divine Healing Hands Practitioner, is celebrating her 20th year as a practitioner after receiving her certification from Western College of Massage (Campbell) in 1996.

She utilizes a blend of modalities including Swedish Esalen, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Acupressure, and Energy Therapy. She specializes in bringing relief, relaxation, and greater range of motion to patients who have kinked necks, shoulders, and any other body part that needs TLC.

She is an avid natural health and nutrition advocate as well as a foodie. She is a cycling instructor for a nationally renowned gym corporation. During her personal time, she enjoys sports, karaoke, and crossword puzzles.

Audrey’s available massage hours are:
• Tuesdays 8am – 12noon
• Fridays 3pm – 7pm
• Saturdays (only 4th Sat. per month) 1pm – 5pm
Cynthia Graham is still available on Mondays & Wednesdays 9am – 3pm.