“I want to keep running!”  I hear that phrase all the time.   I want to help you keep running especially if you are over 30 years old when your body needs more help to work efficiently.  Have you ever thought that your knees and feet can be adjusted by a chiropractor? You may have already had this experience.  Your knees and feet work mechanically to transfer energy from you to the ground.  Proper and rigorous stretching of the your quad, ham, calf and foot are truly critical but not the whole story.  Especially if you have foot or calf pain (before, during or after running), the bones of the lower leg should be checked for proper alignment and adjusted.   Occasional foot adjustments will complement your cross training and stretching to create your personal best.  Not every chiropractor wants to adjust the leg and foot (or knows how).  But I do!  You can also help yourself by doing a free gait analysis at Running Revolution in Campbell.  They are really helpful at RR.  Even though I am “The Headache Doctor” , I know feet too!