This could be a complaint from a vampire but could it be
YOU?!  If your jaw pain continues to get
worse even with good dental care and mouth splint, you could be missing the
poor alignment of your neck.  There is a fascinating
and scientifically proved relationship between your neck posture and jaw
function.  As your head goes forward
while on the computer, reading or driving, your jaw postions shifts the way your
teeth touch, and your airway.  Sleep
apnea or just poor sleep happens because your tongue blocks your already narrow
airway.  But it works both ways: in a study at Tufts University, abnormal jaw position creates bad posture as you try to sleep, swallow and breath.

Finding A Doctor To Help

This is a real challenge.
Your dentist is trained to identify jaw dysfunction and recommend
splints, injections or surgeries.  It is
the rare dentist that will also recommend treatment for the neck although the
connection between neck alignment and jaw function has already been
proven.  You must be your own advocate –
so typical these days – and find a doctor with comprehensive knowledge.


At The Headache Doctor of Campbell, Dr. Strauss is a chiropractic
neck specialist but also knows how to relax the muscles of the neck and face,
and release the bones of the face.  She
will recommend dietary change, supplements, and refer you to the qualified
professionals who will continue to analyze and solve your jaw pain.  This problem is complicated but you can make
progress with The Headache Doctor on your side.