We love the New Year and the fresh start it gives all of us to lead healthier lives.    This is also the perfect time to get back to one the basics of good health – Exercise.  Regular exercise helps us reduce the tension and stress we hang onto each day.  A pressure relief valve that is available to us  whenever we need it.

If you suffer from regular headaches you may want to examine your stress levels.   Headaches can be caused by many things of course,   but  by far the number one factor is the amount of stress and tension we live under, and have come to accept as normal.  There is nothing normal or healthy about feeling tense,  stressed ,  anxious or fearful  on a regular basis.

We need to find healthy ways to cope and take the edge off our tension.   Give ourselves a regular time out to decompress,  move  our bodies and burn up the toxins that stress dumps into our systems.  Nature’s way of dealing with stress is to have us move – run, walk, do yoga, dance or play a physical game of tennis, go surfing,  whatever you enjoy – anything but sitting in place and stewing in our own stress hormones for hours on end.

We Become What We Do Each Day

Our amazing bodies are designed to move – just like horses live to run free, we too are built for movement.   No matter what your current level of physical activity, you can get into action each day.  Even a small amount of exercise can make a  difference  – A 10 minute walk, taking the stairs instead of elevator, parking further away from the store,  getting up from your chair every 30 minutes when watching TV.   We become what we do each day.


It’s No Big Deal

Resolve to add one new physical act each day to your normal activities – it doesn’t have to a big deal – in fact, making exercise a Big Deal is most likely a recipe for failure.  Small steps all add up to significant progress over time.

Activate Your Natural High – and Reap the Many Benefits

Aerobic exercise has been well researched over many years as a way to trigger the body’s natural high –  Endorphins.   Magic endorphins  make us feel  great, reduce pain and increase a feeling of optimism and joy in living.  With the release of endorphins the world feels like a safer, friendlier place – we relax and release tension as a result.

If you heard about a pill that could help you loose weight,  have fewer headaches,  help reduce depression, prevent many  chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and  strokes,  reduce tension, add years of quality living to your life,  would you take it?  Yes, of course we all would.  Oh yes, and this magic pill is FREE!   So we at The Headache Doctor prescribe this wonderful  headache reducing happy pill for all our readers this New Year – Exercise.

We predict fewer headaches in the future for you.  Combining your tension reduction plan with other aspects of headache prevention that we discuss here each month will yield results over time.


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