I have had
migraines for over 10 years. I have tried every medication possible. When I get
my migraine, which usually happens at least once a month, I am incapacitated
for 3 or more days.

My vision
is blurry and my opthalmologist can find no glasses or cures for my problems.

I get
frequent sore throats and swallowing problems, yet no antibiotic is helpful.

Since I
started getting headaches 5 years ago my doctor has put me on “happy”
pills and I am not the same person.

works for me during migraine attacks, but it doesn’t control them

I was in a
car accident 8 years ago and had no headaches until 2 years ago. Now, the
migraines are uncontrollable.

My ears
have been hurting and ringings and making all kinds of noises for years. My ENT
finds nothing wrong with them. I’m at my breaking point.

My sinuses
get infected over 6 times a year. I have had surgery twice and antibiotics no
longer work.

My doctor
has diagnosed me with GERD and I have bad headaches also.

I have seen my dentist and family doctor and
both of them told me I don’t have TMJ, but I have had headaches for over 10