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Concussion and Whiplash Relief

Concussion & Whiplash

When you have a concussion, what is the likelihood that you do NOT have a whiplash along with your concussion? Almost zero! It’s very unlikely that your neck was not affected at the same time. Since the movement of your neck affects the nerve connections up to your brain – neck treatment can clear foggy thinking, help you sleep, reduce muscle fatigue and pain – some of the most distressing aspects of concussion.

Concussion symptoms and whiplash symptoms are almost impossible to tell apart in the first 2 weeks. You can start getting gentle chiropractic adjustments and pain reducing therapy like ultrasound right away that will reduce some of the typical concussion symptoms: muscle fatigue, foggy thinking, headache, and neck pain. It is the persistence of those symptoms that identify the higher level diagnosis of concussion but the treatment from the medical side (rest and prescriptions) does nothing to restore or optimize the function of the joints, muscles and nervous system but chiropractic treatment does.

You must be examined thoroughly after a head and neck injury, after a car accident or a fall in order to identify concussion and whiplash. Then your treatment can begin immediately: your medical doctor will give you prescriptions and recommend rest but Dr. Strauss will be naturally reducing your pain and speeding your concussion recovery as well.

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Method Of Treatment


Your exam tells Dr. Strauss everything about your physical, mental and emotional state post concussion. You will have in-office diagnostic testing, orthopedic and neurologic tests and a thorough evaluation of your neck and back.

Concussion Treatment

Dr. Strauss will always begin with the softest, most gentle treatments for your care. Reducing muscle spasm, pain and swelling is most critical. Helping you to relax, rest and sleep deeply is very important as well to your healing. Having a doctor that understands your physical state and can adapt treatment to your level is a key advantage you have at The Headache Doctor.

Upper Cervical Care

Dr. Strauss’ approaches to the bones and muscles at the top of the neck is the secret weapon she uses to treat you. The upper neck has a unique neurological connection to the brain. If the bones are misaligned there, and muscles are strained at the base of the skull, you will not heal to your fullest. You can learn more about upper cervical care at Or come in for an evaluation with Dr. Strauss.

Meet A Patient Of Dr. Strauss

Meet a patient of Dr. Strauss who has found relief from pain, headaches and lower back issues.

Robert Testimonial

I was suffering with weekly incapacitating headaches and Dr Strauss has kept me headache free for years. Highly skilled and compassionate, she brings a wealth of experience to her patients. We are currently chipping away at a 30 year chronic lower back condition which is the best it has been in my adult lifetime. And that cramp I was having for the last 6 months in my left foot when I swam turned out to be a bone in the foot that needed to be adjusted! Definitely worth the drive from Redwood City! Thank you Dr. Strauss!

Robert K.
Geneva Testimonial

I started coming to this doctor because I got a concussion and started getting major migraines as well as major insomnia I looked on yelp and came across the head of Dr. Campbell and decided to check her out and you are someone who specialized in the upper cervical area of your spine cents going to her starting about two months ago the ringing in my ear has stopped almost completely before it was very bothersome and I felt like it was so loud that other people could hear it. Also my headaches have gotten so much better. I would totally recommend her to anyone who is having any type of back issues headache issues or who would like to try chiropractic for the first time I referred my stepmother and she now goes to her twice a week and it has also helped her had a Holly at the front desk is such a sweetheart the both of them together makes such a great team I plan on continuing my care with the headache doctor.

Geneva L.
Pam Testimonial

After a recent car accident, Paula has helped put my pieces back together!  Her office is pleasant and inviting, and Holly’s assistance at the front desk makes this a touch of heaven. I highly recommend The Headache Doctor of Campbell Chiropractic.

Pam J.