Patients with Blue Shield: be careful choosing your plan for 2013.  Dr. Strauss will remain in-network for the basic PPO plan.  However, we will not participate in Blue Shield Network A, Network B, or Network C.   The reason?  The payments for services rendered to doctors is so low, that it doesn’t pay for Dr. Strauss to participate.  To make it worthwhile, Dr. Strauss could treat you like a number and  stop giving you time to talk, exercise instruction, muscle therapy and all the 0ther aspects of your treatment that take more time and expertise.  Blue Shield providers will start to create doctors that can only make their offices run by increasing volume and decreasing time spent on patients.  If you have a choice, we will stay in-network for United Healthcare AND we will continue to all your insurance billing for you, unlike many other doctors’ offices.  Blue Shield is leading the way for all insurance companies to make yet MORE money while cheating doctors and patients.