New Critical Test for Breast Cancer

Your Doctor Will Never Recommend



Women know too well that breast cancer is a threat.  We all know someone with breast cancer and it is likely that we know someone who has died from it.  Yet the medical industry is keeping an important test from the general public:  Breast Thermography.  This non-invasive, comfortable test can detect the development of breast cancer 7-10 years before you feel a lump in your breast.   It is affordable at approximately $250/test.  And it is available here in the Bay area.  However, your insurance will not pay for it.  Before your dismiss it, ask yourself: how worried am I about getting breast cancer?


Breast thermography reads the temperature of the skin.  The appearance of hot spots or cold spots on the breasts is an abnormal finding that indicates the breast tissue is not normal and healthy.   An abnormal thermogram is also an indicator to take other tests that are currently used: mammography, MRI and ultrasound to detect and confirm growing masses in breast tissue.  No individual test is perfect but breast thermography can detect abnormal tissue far in advance of a growing breast mass, maybe up to 10 years in advance.  This is particularly important for women with denser breasts because more common tests like mammography are more likely to miss small masses in denser breast tissue.


Books can be written about why breast thermography has not been adopted by the general medical population but don’t waste your time on that issue. If you are truly concerned about breast cancer, add breast thermography to your annual test list.  Here are 2 locations in the South Bay where you can learn more about Breast Thermography and get your test done:


Pacific Naturopathic

Mountain View, CA


Dr. Petra Eggert, DC, PT