Public Headache Lecture at Los Gatos JCC

Drug Free Headache Care
Dr. Paula Strauss
Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 12:30pm
All are welcome

This lecture will discuss the two most common headache types and give helpful ideas on home care.  Most of my patients say the same thing when they come in – “I don’t want to rely on medications”.  This is a great attitude to have since we often rely on medications and we have been trained very well by medical doctors to do that.  Headache sufferers know well that meds only cover up the pain but they never stop the next headache from happening.  You will learn a few things about your head and neck, how posture and muscles contribute to headache pain, and common dietary triggers.  Join us at the beautiful Los Gatos Jewish Community Center for this lunchtime lecture.  There is a small fee for the lecture.  Contact Linda Thompson at the JCC for details.  408.358.3636