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Your First Visit:

What to Expect

Call to make your appointment.

The process from there is simple. Three simple steps and you are on the way to great health.

First Visit

Your first visit is a complete evaluation including your health history, previous labs and tests, diagnostic scans, physical examination, orthopedic or other tests and x-rays if appropriate for your case.

Dr. Strauss has an x-ray department at her office. You will spend approximately one hour with Dr. Strauss on your first visit. It is a good idea to bring your spouse or significant other to this visit.

Second Visit

Your second visit, the Report of Findings, will be approximately 45 minutes. In this visit, Dr. Strauss will review with you the findings of your case and describe your treatment. If you agree, you will receive your first treatment on this day. It is a good idea to bring your spouse or significant other to this visit.

Subsequent Visits

All other treatment visits will be 15 minutes or less.

Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions

We are “in-network” for Blue Shield PPO and United Healthcare PPO. But we do accept all other PPO insurances that are considered “out-of-network” for us (Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, Principal Life, Health Net, etc.). Your health savings account and health flex spending account can be used for treatment in our office.

Let us check your benefits! Please provide us with your member id#, group#, your insurance’s provider telephone number or customer service number , your full name and date of birth. If your spouse is the insured party, we will need his or her name and date of birth. Whether you have a deductible to fulfill or simply a co-pay, we can verify that information for you before you come into the office.

Cash patients are always welcome in our office. Patients who don’t have insurance can take advantage of our Cash Discount Plans. Those plans offer discounts that include free visits or a percentage reduction of the regular fees.

Call your insurance agent and ask if you have Medpay (aka: Medical Payments coverage) included with your personal auto insurance. Medpay allows you to get treatment with no out of pocket cost. The Medpay amount is the amount available to cover your medical and chiropractic expenses directly. We do all the billing.In other cases where Medpay is not available (and the other driver is at fault), typically you will need to pay the doctor up front for all your treatment (or you can use your health insurance). Then you will be reimbursed by the insurance company who is representing the person at fault (this process occurs at the end of your case). If you have legal representation, Dr. Strauss may choose to accept a lien.

Each case is different. We suggest you start off with a 30 minute no-charge consultation. Dr. Strauss will review your case and determine if we can treat you on a lien.

During the initial appointment, Dr. Strauss will determine if x-rays are necessary for your case. If so, we will refer you to a local radiology center for x-rays. If you had x-rays done recently with another chiropractor, doctor or facility, with your permission we can request that they be transferred to our office for use on your case.

Yes, and yes! We treat pregnant women during all stages of the pregnancy. We provide expecting mothers with supportive cushions and offer different chiropractic techniques for treatment if necessary. Pregnancy massage is also available in our office.As a child, scoliosis and posture check-ups are necessary. Children experience falls during daily play and sometimes go through painful growth spurts, so chiropractic care can definitely insure your child’s straight spine and good posture as they grow.

We have 2 excellent massage therapists on staff. Blue Cross, Aetna and Principal Life have massage benefits that pay for massage therapy when it is necessary for your treatment. You can call for an appointment or schedule online.

Yes! We sell pain relieving ointments like Biofreeze and Traumeel. We also have back and neck supports available. Also, we sell foam rollers and Tempurpedic pillows. If our patients would like a certain item but it’s unavailable in the office, we order them and receive them within a few days. We can also bill your insurance for these types of items. Insurance may or may not cover them.

We offer a 30 minute free consultation. During the consultation, you and Dr. Strauss will discuss your concerns. Whether or not we can treat you, we will do everything we can to help you reach the right person for treatment.

Office Hours:

Monday 8:30 - 6:00
Tuesday appt only
Wednesday 8:30 - 6:00
Thursday 2:00 - 6:00
Friday 8:30 - 1:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Tuesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday afternoon are by appointment only for new patients.

Dr. Strauss has been in practice since 1996. She has treated many patients with many different ailments. Even though she is known as the Headache Doctor, she continues to treat all neck, back, arm, leg and feet problems.

Dr. Strauss is an upper cervical specialist who specializes in eliminating migraines and headaches. Only about 2000 doctors with this type of training are in practice worldwide. She is also specially trained to treat whiplash cases and is a certified auto safety trainer. You can also view what existing patients have said about the doctor! Check out our website for videos or go to

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