Public Headache Lecture at Los Gatos JCC Drug Free Headache Care by Dr. Paula Strauss Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 12:30pm All are welcome This lecture will discuss the two most common headache types and give helpful ideas on home care.  Most of my patients say the same thing when they come in –

Dr. Strauss and staff will be working until 12/30/13. Don’t leave your benefits and Health Spending or Flexible Spending Account money on the table.  Same day appointments are available for you.  We process all insurances (except HMOs) and we have great cash discounting programs for patients.  Holly knows all of our arrangements so she can

The most comment question I get in my practice is ” How did my neck/back get this way?”.  The answer is found in Pisa, Italy.   One day, an Italian man was going to the Pisa Tower to visit his friend and as he approached, he thought to himself “Huh! Is it me or is

Yoga is the Solution???

Many patients ask me if  yoga is enough exercise, or great exercise, or the perfect exercise.  I cringe to inform you that the way most of you are doing it, yoga is NOT enough.  Yoga is wonderful for so many reasons: to find nirvana, to stretch the body, to settle the mind and to strengthen

During November, donate pet goods, towels, newspapers, unopened pet food at The Headache Doctor of Campbell.  In exchange for your donation, new patients get their first examination (normally $125) and x-rays ($200) for free!  Existing patients can  by 2 treatments for $80 and 50% will go to HSSV. Drop off goods anytime the office is

Blue Shield Plans in 2013

Patients with Blue Shield: be careful choosing your plan for 2013.  Dr. Strauss will remain in-network for the basic PPO plan.  However, we will not participate in Blue Shield Network A, Network B, or Network C.   The reason?  The payments for services rendered to doctors is so low, that it doesn’t pay for Dr.

This week is National Headache Awareness Week Alternative Treatments for Headaches of all Kinds When it comes to headaches, the variety is amazing.  Here is a short list of the major groupings:  Tension, Migraine, Hormone, Cluster, Drug Rebound Headaches, Sinus, Organic (caused by brain tumor, aneurism or other abnormal brain pathology), Allergy,  Exercise Induced.  Obviously

Summer is approaching and the warm weather tempts us out of doors and into the realm of risky business.  Sky diving, horse back riding, roller coaster rides and other amusement park rides, bungee jumping or just playing something as innocuous as a round of golf, can lead to injury and pain in different body parts. 

The 300 MPH Sneeze

The  300 Mile Per Hour Sneeze Sneezing has a measurable speed between 150 and 300 miles per hour.  Imagine your neck and head whipping back and forth multiple times a day and you will understand why allergies can cause neck pain and trigger headaches.  As your neck muscles tighten, drainage from the head stops and


Are Your Kids Suffering from ” Geek-itous”? aka The dangers of overuse of iPads, iPhones, Tablets and Electronics of all kinds The media and my own patients are starting to report a new “syndrome” – we’re calling it “Geek-itous”.  It’s the over use of all small handheld devices  such as iPads, Smart Phones of all

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