Wags to Riches 2013 It’s that time of the year again!  We are teaming up with the Humane Society Silicon Valley collecting donations for our annual in-office “Wags to Riches” event. Starting on Wednesday 11/6/2013, in celebration of this years Wags to Riches, we are offering 2 great specials… New Patients:  Receive a free initial exam when you bring in

How to end the mind-numbing assault? Over-the-counter and prescription medications for headaches — including migraines — can relieve and sometimes prevent pain, but to be pain-free, you may need to make over your diet. We suggest: Change your diet to eat more foods rich in magnesium and riboflavin (vitamin B2). Riboflavin is in low/no-fat dairy, eggs, nuts, and green vegetables.

New Critical Test for Breast Cancer Your Doctor Will Never Recommend     Women know too well that breast cancer is a threat.  We all know someone with breast cancer and it is likely that we know someone who has died from it.  Yet the medical industry is keeping an important test from the general

You Should Be Scared! Tylenol Is Not As Safe As You Think    Over the Counter doesn’t mean it’s Safe – Liver Failure and Acetaminophen   One of the most important driving factors  that brings patients to my Chiropractic Office is the desire to heal their bodies without taking medications that are potentially toxic to

7 Deadly Foods

Here is a link to our local physical trainer Becky Williamson and her newsletter. Below is the synopsis of her excellent article. http://8cbcf4b4-7696-4dd9-8079-3889f84f2c03.fitproconnect.com/Newsletter/5/20/2013 7 Worst Foods 1) Pasta made from enriched white flour These easily digested carbs may spike your insulin level. Eat This: Spaghetti Squash On those nights when you really crave a big

How Posture Affects Your Health

How does poor posture affect your health? Decreases lung capacity: poor breathing and not enough oxygen reduces nutrition to your cells, brain, muscles, and organs. Lack of nutrition to these vital parts of your body makes you feel tired and exhausted by the end of the day. Affects your emotions and your mood. Having rounded

This is a penetrating question for chiropractors.  If you are using your medical insurance for monthly check-ups, technically that is not what your visits are intended for.  Your insurance can deny those visits if you don’t have a specific problem that your chiropractor is addressing on that visit.  So, if  that usage of your insurance

Where did we get the idea that muscles can be strained or painful without affecting anything else?  Consider the following: muscles do nothing, zero, zip, nada unless they are attached to bones (spinal bones or arm/leg bones).  Muscles have to pull against something solid like a bone to create movement. So when you have neck

It’s All In Your Feet

“I want to keep running!”  I hear that phrase all the time.   I want to help you keep running especially if you are over 30 years old when your body needs more help to work efficiently.  Have you ever thought that your knees and feet can be adjusted by a chiropractor? You may have

I get asked all the time about pillows and devices that are commonly sold on the web. For headache patients, you can go broke buying devices and pillows and eye masks and so forth without any guarentee of relief.  When you wake up with a stiff neck and headache, there is a chance it could

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