POLST is a form that you post at home as an adjunct to your health directive. Emergency personnel look for the pink form on your fridge for directives of how much life saving treatment you want them to do at your home.  People with serious, chronic or life threatening illness should have one of these

We are now in-network  for TriWest Healthcare Alliance, the premier company that serves our veterans and military.  We look forward to giving unparallelled chiropractic care to veterans and service members.   We look forward to serving our community by helping veterans and those in Service.

Afternoon & Evening Massages are now offered! Welcome our new massage therapist…Audrey Wong! Audrey Wong, a Massage and Divine Healing Hands Practitioner, is celebrating her 20th year as a practitioner after receiving her certification from Western College of Massage (Campbell) in 1996. She utilizes a blend of modalities including Swedish Esalen, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point

Wet Weather Whiplash Tips

A whiplash injury of the neck, also known as a hyperflexion/hyperextension injury, occurs during any type of sudden acceleration deceleration incident. Whiplash is most common in car accidents but also occurs with snowboarding, skiing, football and other high impact sports. It does not take a lot of force; the acceleration deceleration forces of a car

Hi Everyone, The Headache Doctor has moved to a great new location in Campbell near the Pruneyard.  Our new place is at 2020 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, CA  95008.  Our phone number is still the same: 408-866-8820.  Our office is located between a Dental office and The Kitty Hotel (you will see the sign).  We

Headaches are not simple disorders – they are typically complex in their triggers, associations, and treatment. Let’s take a closer look at 8 medical conditions that may influence your headache health. Diseases and Your Headache Health Vitamin D Deficiency:A number of conditions may cause a person to have low vitamin D levels like malnutrition, low

Many studies link migraines to depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias and other disorders. The question is which comes first “the headache or the disorder”.  The mounting fear associated with headaches is so common that it in itself is a disorder, cephalalgiaphobia – the fear of headache, or fear of the next headache. A recent analysis in

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We all do it when we have a spare moment… look down at our smartphones. With 58% of American adults owning smartphones (we’re most certainly pushing a higher rate here in the Silicon Valley) how does it affect our health – more specifically our posture? Research from Dr. Ken Hansraj M.D. explains that the human

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How do headaches differ? Are all bad headaches considered migraines? Is an alcohol related headache the same as a migraine? With 50% of all adults worldwide experiencing a headache disorder, headaches often go undiagnosed. To start the diagnosing processing, we need to hear your headache story. Your headache story will help determine whether your head

Anyone who suffers from regularly occurring headaches or migraines has tried to pinpoint the trigger of their pain. Headache triggers are the conditions and key variables that can set off head pain. For some people, it can be one solitary variable such as a flashing light, or a specific food. For other sufferers it’s a