7 Deadly Foods

Here is a link to our local physical trainer Becky Williamson and her newsletter. Below is the synopsis of her excellent article. http://8cbcf4b4-7696-4dd9-8079-3889f84f2c03.fitproconnect.com/Newsletter/5/20/2013 7 Worst Foods 1) Pasta made from enriched white flour These easily digested carbs may spike your insulin level. Eat This: Spaghetti Squash On those nights when you really crave a big

How Posture Affects Your Health

How does poor posture affect your health? Decreases lung capacity: poor breathing and not enough oxygen reduces nutrition to your cells, brain, muscles, and organs. Lack of nutrition to these vital parts of your body makes you feel tired and exhausted by the end of the day. Affects your emotions and your mood. Having rounded

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YEA! The New Site is Active

We finally made the move to a CMS so we can quickly and easily keep you up to date on the latest news, studies, and tips. There is even a new blog section where you can join the conversation and a testimonial section where you can tell about your experiences at our office.